Our Services:

Two primary service levels: Custom Research and Consulting/Moderation Only.


Custom Research

Our all inclusive, turnkey solution covers all aspects of your research initiative:

  • Project Design: Collaborating with client to identify the right methodology and scope.

  • Project Management: Scheduling, hosting, and “chasing” relevant meetings.

  • Recruiting: Writing screeners, locating and vetting participants, paying incentives.

  • Facility rental: Booking modern research facilities in NYC or other other markets.

  • Moderation: Crafting the discussion guide and conducting all interviews.

  • Analysis: Identifying salient findings and actionable recommendations.

  • Final report/presentation: Delivered by consultant live with edited highlight videos.


Consulting/Moderation Only

Limited participation focused on a particular aspect of your research project: strategy/planning, recruiting, logistical support or analysis.

  • Consulting: We work with you and your team to determine the ideal scope and methodology. This includes the selection of platforms used during the research process.

  • Moderation only: Conducting interviews or focus groups. Additional charges apply if we write the discussion guide and/or provide a topline.

  • Recruiting: We don’t typically offer recruiting-only. With that said, please reach out if you are trying to come up with a strategy for recruiting any hard-to-reach, niche audience.

Crosswalk Digital Group 

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