Crosswalk Digital

A UX Research and Strategy firm that helps organizations develop highly engaging websites, apps, and digital campaigns


Project Design

Expert guidance and a comprehensive understanding of client goals. Identifying the right methodology, scope, and participant mix.


Specializing in niche targets and handling all aspects of the process. Writing screeners, locating and vetting participants, paying incentives.


Expert voices writing the guide and interacting with participants using a range of methods - from IDIs to co-creation workshops.


Insightful analysis of primary user research; Including video highlights, actionable recommendations, annotated screens, and design elements.

Expert Input

Providing actionable UX guidance based on years of interactions with real users across categories. Heuristic reviews. Competitive assesments, 

UX Team Consulting

Coaching for organizations with in-house UX teams seeking further development; including moderated and asynchronous remote research methods.

Make every interview longitudinal 

  • Our IDIs start with web-based pre-research assignments
  • We use APIs and researcher expertise to create custom onscreen stimuli based on responses
  • Participants interact with this personalized content during their moderated or asynchronous IDIs
  • This results in richer findings and more in-depth client involvement
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