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Full Scale UX-Research

Full Scale UX-Research

Participant Recruiting

Participant Recruiting

Strategic Consulting

Strategic Consulting

Full Scale UX-Research


Our all-inclusive, turnkey solution covers all aspects of your research initiative:

  • Project Design: Collaborating with client to identify the right methodology and scope.

  • Project Management: Scheduling, hosting, and “chasing” relevant meetings.

  • Recruiting: Writing screeners, locating and vetting participants, paying incentives.

  • Facility rental: Booking modern research facilities in NYC or other other markets.

  • Moderation: Crafting the discussion guide and conducting all interviews.

  • Analysis: Identifying salient findings and actionable recommendations.

  • Final report/presentation: Delivered by consultant live with edited highlight videos.

Our Research Methodologies

  • In-person IDIs (in-depth interviews): Designed to explore individual beliefs, behaviors, and reactions to stimuli. Can be conducted: a) at your offices, b) at a full-service market research facility, or c) scheduled "on the fly" at one of our NYC-based office conference centers. Clients may observe onsite or via a dedicated, password protected livestream. We can test anything from desktop, to mobile, to other form factors.  

  • Remote Moderated IDIs: Conducted virtually, using screen sharing software. Capture in-depth opinions with a nationwide audience. Ideal for hard-to-reach niche audiences. Clients are able to view the interviews live from their desktop. Ideal for desktop or mobile applications (iOS and Androind only). 

  • Remote Unmoderated IDIs: Participants visit a site (or prototype) in an unmoderated session. Their screens, face, and voice are recorded for later review by Crosswalk and Clients. Desktop or mobile applications (iOS and Androind only).  

  • Focus groups: Creative roundtable discussions designed to assess high level reactions to campaigns or to explore trends and behaviors during the exploratory phase of an intiative. Clients may observe onsite or via a dedicated, password protected livestream. Typically 6-8 participants.  

Participant Recruiting


We specialize in connecting you with hard-to-reach niche audiences. Our recruiting process includes both qualitative exploration and "red herring" questions to ensure that we weed out less-than-ideal participants.

Your participant information is delivered to you with the rich detail.

  • Interactive participant spreadsheets: You will be given links to a detailed, yet intuitive, color-coded, spreadsheet (not just Excel) . This sheet will be constantly updated throughout your project.

  • Detailed individual summaries: For each participant, you will also access an API-generated one-page summary. This allows us to include qualitative recruiting responses that dimensionalize each particpant.

Below is an example of the interactive participant spreadsheets

This example is from a recruit targeting IT professionals who also enjoy tech-related pursuits outside of the workplace.

Below are examples of the detailed participant one-pagers (delivered as a PDF). 

 The participant data points and qualiative responses within are determined in collaboration with you. Clients often revisit these sheets when working on related projects. 


Strategic Consulting

Some organizations simply need to augment their existing UX research capabilites on a particular project or with an eye on longer-term team development.

On a case-by-case basis, we work with you identify the ideal process and protocols to eet your particular UX research objective.

  • project scope and segmentation

  • interview stimuli strategy and preparation

  • project moderation

  • team development sessions