A Game Development Company Needs UX Research Training

Platform: Mobile, Tablet, Website
Method: In-House UX ResearchTraining

The Challenge

A game development company wanted their internal staff to conduct continuous weekly user experience interviews with game players on a variety of platforms.

As their design team did not have experience as UX researchers, they needed guidance and training regarding project design, recruiting, interviewing, and the presentation of findings.

The Approach

Crosswalk met with key team members and crafted a 4-week consulting plan. The plan included templates for project scheduling, recruiting, discussion guides, and reports.

Crosswalk also conducted UX interviewing training sessions with the client. During a transitional period of a few weeks, the trained staff began to moderate their own UX interviews, while still under Crosswalk supervision.

The Outcome

Crosswalk's guidance and training in UX research methods positioned the firm to conduct their own independent UX testing on tablets and desktops.

The ability to conduct in-house research allowed the client to accelerate the iterative process, reducing time to market and improving the overall experience of game players.