A 3D Printer Manufacturer Expands Product Offerings

Platform: Mobile, Website
Method: In-person UX Testing

The Challenge

A leading 3D printing firm needed to assess user reactions to a new professionally focused 3D printer prior to launch. In addition, they were in the process of updating their marketing materials to highlight the features of their varied products, spanning professional, educational, and home use.


The Approach

Crosswalk conducted a series of in-person individual interviews as well as dyads and triads with coworkers.

Recruiting targeted professional groups who were currently using 3D printing or would benefit from adding this functionality to their set of tools. We spoke with architects, engineers, and other scientists.

In addition, participants later completed post-research surveys that built upon findings unearthed during interviews.

The Outcome

The research findings highlighted the users' main perceived benefits provided by the MakerBot 3D printers: the printer's functionality as well as the positive impact on workflows within the offices using the tools.

Following our recommendations, the user-facing website was updated to highlight this broader range of benefits beyond the performance of the printers themselves. In addition, the post-research questionnaire was used to help identify the specific types of images that would communicate the printers' scale and level of detail to potential clients viewing the website and other marketing materials.