A Major Property and Casualty Insurance Firm Needs to Connect to Potential Home Buyers

Platform: Mobile
Method: In-Person UX Testing, Card Sort Tool

The Challenge

A major property and casualty insurance firm wanted to develop technology that would allow them to build relationships with home-buyers at an earlier point in the purchasing process.

They needed to assess reactions to a number of early-stage concepts designed for both new and experienced home shoppers. As they planned to iterate, their research goals were both to validate existing concepts and to generate and explore future concepts.

The Approach

Crosswalk conducted a series of in-person moderated UX interviews with a range of home-buyers. The interviews focused on identifying features and functionality that appealed to particular segments based on comfort with technology, experience with real estate, and the number of decision-makers involved in the process.

In order to assess the appeal of the proposed concepts, Crosswalk crafted a card sorting exercise in which participants dragged-and-dropped items into groupings based on likelihood of use.

Participants also brainstormed about potential future enhancements and concepts.

The Outcome

The research validated and optimized several concepts which resonated with users on an emotional level. The research also led to a reduction in the overall scope of the initiative, as several features were either considered extraneous or outside of the "permission zone" of the firm behind the app.

The more streamlined and focused app launched successfully and helped home-buyers navigate the often confusing process of home buying.