Nationwide Restaurant Chain Optimizes Food Ordering App Before Rollout

Platform: Mobile
Method: In-Person UX Testing, Homework Assignment

The Challenge

A nationwide restaurant chain, with a focus on coffee and baked goods, was preparing the nationwide launch of a mobile app that would allow users to place orders from their phone and later pick them up in store.

The app was being beta tested in a single market. Prior to the national launch, the chain wanted to identify any undiscovered barriers for users.

The Approach

Crosswalk conducted a two-phase research project: self-reported journaling followed by in-person interviews.

For the journal portion, participants in the beta market were tasked to download the app, add funds, purchase an order remotely through the app, and pick up the order in store. They journaled the experience, highlighting areas of confusion and satisfaction.

During the in-person session, the participants retraced their steps signing for and using the app, highlighting pain points and areas of delight in the process. The in-depth interviews also allowed for an exploration of finer features and functionality within the app.

The Outcome

The research identified the additional changes required before launch to the nomenclature and labeling of the new ordering capabilities on the app. The language and layout that had been migrated from the previous version of the app became confusing with the addition of the new functionalities, namely the newly bifurcated order and pickup experience. Edited video clips were provided to further highlight this discovery.

The research identified needed language and layout changes, providing guidance that acts as a "style guide" for future updates. Changes were implemented and the app was launched with success.